With the help of visual editors, it is possible to build simple text dialogs. Other than a regular text message, any actions the chatbot responds to can only be implemented programmatically. Creating successful non-trivial bots requires fairly significant programming skills.

To impart "intelligence" to the bot, it is also necessary to connect and configure Natural Language Processing (NLP). The number of combinations in solving such problems requires the same skills as when coding large software products. As in conventional programming, such skills are acquired no earlier than one to two years. Our developers are focused on developments using artificial intelligence and have gained hundreds of hours of experience in various projects.

For creating a rich chat functionality and advanced intelligence, integration with knowledge bases, CRM and ERP systems, financial and other external services are required. Our team has a wide experience in connecting to various CMS, CRM, billing and other systems.

As in conventional programming, the messenger bot development goes through several stages, such as analysis, architecture, technical requirements, development, testing, and deployment. We can use any methodologies in project management, both classical and agile.