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Conversational AI assistant for events

About the industry

Different businesses are increasing their budgets for emerging technologies these days. In the nearest three years, the number of companies, that are planning to use chatbots, will increase up to 80%, and the event industry is not an exception. Organizers have the opportunity for quick automation and customer experience will be improved significantly by embedding an AI powered chatbot into a sort of scenarios. It is easier to implement and integrate a conversation bot than alternatives, such as mobile applications or web portals

Pains and challenges

Event Logistics

Big concerts or conferences attract a lot of visitors, and this means solving a lot of logistic problems. Visitors may need additional support with directions to entrance locations and specific destinations within the event venue. To provide improved logistical support, the organizer has to add more staff or benefit from automation. That support should be cost-efficient

Agenda Management

Conferences and festivals have a lot of individual events occurring at the same time and guests face difficulties sometimes to create their agendas. It’s often not so easy to get access to information and prepare a custom schedule without automation

Time to Market

Time for organizing events is always tight, and there’s always a lot that needs to be done by organizers. It’s important to implement automation that doesn’t require significant development time or internal expertise and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and systems, such as the registration platform
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Attendee Management

Typically, attendees need to confirm conference registration and respond to queries related to desirable sessions and conference speakers. For this purpose, the host often needs to involve a lot of staff in registering at the entrance. This approach leads to a concentration of people at the entrance at the same time, which makes the guest experience less pleasant

Attendee Engagement and Retention

Attendees are the pillar of any event, and their experience has a major impact on the overall success of a conference, festival, or concert. It is very important to reach your visitors to collect their feedback or to promote some important sessions
visitor management

Event Data Collection and Analysis

In the age of technology, data holds great importance. Usually, a lot of organizers miss the opportunity for effective data analysis and access to complete and comprehensive information about visitors’ preferences and concerns. Collecting relevant insight in effective formats is a major pain point for event planners

Use cases that can be automated by up to 80%


To provide logistic support, an organizer can use a chatbot. The virtual assistant will help attendees find an optimal route to the event, provide advice on how to find their way around, and it’s less expensive and more effective than just adding more staff

Ticket Purchases

There is the easiest way to purchase a ticket via a bot, to receive a QR code and simply validate it at an entrance

How to increase registrations for an event

Conference participants can easily answer several chatbot questions and don’t need to fill in any paper or web form. This helps attendees confirm conference registration and choose conference sessions and speakers

Notifications and Promotions

Event planners can send reminders, and guest highlights, promote additional services, or propose to them to engage friends and families using promo codes. A chatbot allows participants easy manage reminders and notifications which they would like to get

Conversational customer support

Guests can get answers to questions instantly, moreover, the bot will provide a piece of proper information in the relevant language

Agenda Planning and Reminders

A virtual assistant will help with an agenda and visitors can easily find who is the next speaker where the presentation will be held or what is planned next. This scheduling solution is easy to use and increases overall utilization at the event


After the event, a chatbot can reach your visitors and collect their feedback. It allows you to promote other sessions or future events and gather valuable insights

ROI Drivers

Increase event registrations

Generate leads

Increase event and session engagement

Increase customer retention

Increase guests’ satisfaction index