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Chatbots in event management

About the industry

The event technology landscape is expanding in a variety of different directions. The challenge for event organizers is keeping up with the latest tools, implementing those that best fit their needs, and then using them for maximum impact
Companies across different industries are increasingly investing in “smart” tech. By 2024, 80% of businesses plan to use chatbots, and the event planning industry is no exception. By employing chatbots in a variety of scenarios, event planners can automate a number of tasks in order to better serve their customers. Chatbots can be more easily deployed and integrated than other alternatives, such as mobile applications or web portals

Pains and challenges

Event Logistics

Automated check-in at hotels for example is much faster than standing in line to be checked in by front desk staff. “Why do low-cost airlines tools up with the process where you don’t need to wait on the check-in, you can do everything online, and in a hotel not uncommon for you to have to wait”. Such a question sometimes is wondered by many guests.


Agenda Management

Conferences and festivals have a lot of individual events occurring at the same time. It’s always a challenge for guests to create their own agendas. It’s often not so easy to get access to schedule information without automation. It’s tough to prepare a custom schedule for particular guests as well

Time to Market

Time for organizing events is always tight, and there’s always a lot that needs to be done by organizers. It’s important to implement automation that doesn’t require significant development time or internal expertise and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and systems, such as the registration platform

out of time
checkin for events

Attendee Management

Typically, attendees need to confirm conference registration and respond to queries related to desirable sessions and conference speakers. For this purpose, the host often needs to involve a lot of staff in registering at the entrance. This approach leads to a concentration of people at the entrance at the same time, which makes the guest experience less pleasant

Attendee Engagement and Retention

Attendees are the pillar of any event, and their experience has a major impact on the overall success of an event. It is very important to reach your visitors to collect their feedback about events or to promote some important sessions

visitor management

Event Data Collection and Analysis

In the age of technology, event data holds great importance. Usually, a lot of event organizers miss the opportunity for effective data analysis and access to complete and comprehensive information about the event. Collecting relevant insight in effective formats is a major pain point for event planners

Use cases that can be automated by up to 80%


In order to provide logistic support, an event organizer can use a chatbot. The virtual assistant will help attendees find an optimal route to the event, provide advice on how to find their way around, and it’s less expensive and more effective than just adding more staff

Ticket Purchases

The chatbot provides an easy way to buy and receive event tickets, and guests can simply show a QR code at the entrance when they arrive


Participants don’t have to look for the site and fill out a registration form. They only need to answer a few chatbot questions. This helps attendees confirm conference registration and choose conference sessions and speakers 

Notifications and Promotions

Before the event, you can send a reminder, and participants can add the event to the calendar. Additionally, the chatbot allows event planners to send guests highlights, promote additional services, or remind them to engage friends and families using promo codes

Communication and Support

Customers can receive support instantly, and a chatbot can answer frequently asked questions in different languages

Agenda Session Planning and Reminders

Participants can view the event’s agenda easily via the chatbot. This is an easy way for users to see who the next speaker is, where the presentation will be held or what is planned next. This scheduling solution is easy to use and increases overall utilization at the event


After the event, a chatbot can help in collecting attendees’ feedback and conducting surveys. A chatbot can help to reach your visitors and collect their feedback about events and gives you the opportunity to promote other sessions or future events 

ROI Drivers

Increase event registrations

Generate leads

Increase event and session engagement

Increase customer retention

Increase the satisfaction of event hosts and guests