McDonalds, Starbucks, Domino's and many other industry leaders have already launched chatbots. Virtual assistants effectively serve more than 50% of all normal, recurring requests. For sure, the big chains are well informed of the messaging power. They respond very fast to customers for any point. However, small and medium restaurants are not much up to fast to respond to their customers. Ultimately, they are actually losing more potential customers in a more competitive digital market.

Key objectives

  • Organize the process of communicating with the food establishment even more enjoyable
  • Speed up and simplify the process of ordering and delivering food

Benefits from implementation

  • When using the messenger, it significantly reduces the time between the desire to have a bite and the doorbell with freshly made pizza
  • The convenience of communication when driving in transport and ordering a table or meal
  • Identification of the visitor in advance and identification of his needs, as well as a guarantee of payment for the order
  • No need to develop an expensive application, all functions can be placed in the chat

Basic scenario

Common questions. Chatbot responds to a wide list of questions such as the nearest address of the institution, how to get there, the opening hours, the cost of renting a room, holding a corporate party or a banquet. Will respond to marketing programs, register a regular customer, give him discounts, and information about promotions. You can see the menu, scheduled events or the cost of entry.

Order a table or a meal. When dealing with artificial intelligence, the process of ordering your favorite dish or restaurant table will be no different than communicating with an ordinary person. The bot itself will take your food order and whether you want to have it delivered or not, as well as other necessary personal information such as your address and phone number. This significantly reduces the load on the site and mobile application during peak hours. After all, the food industry has busy hours where the staff cannot cope with the processing of phone orders. The client can also reserve a table looking directly at the interface of the messenger plan placement.

Personal Assistant and Feedback. The intelligent assistant can recommend the food according to the wishes or restrictions indicated by the consumers. Calculate the calories consumed. Conduct a survey, find out satisfaction with service after visiting a restaurant. While at a table, you can directly order a dish or ask for an invoice in the messenger.

Real case results

The average restaurant chat user spends 1.53 minutes to chat. Of all users, 13.5% are permanent. The data show that chatbots have a conversion rate of 266% higher than when interacting with regular advertising on social networks. The message opening rate reaches 99% with a conversion rate of 5%.