According to InsideSales and Harvard Business Review, responding during the first ten minutes increases the chances of engaging a client by four times. In general, it means to create an AI bot.

Customers willing to wait ten minutes or less
Customers willing to wait ten minutes or less

Today's buyers are impatient, and their patience runs low within ten minutes. At each stage of a customer’s cycle, most rated the immediate responses as “important” or “very important”.

This answer was given by 82% of respondents when they had questions related to marketing or sales, and 90% when there were questions of support.

Do not delay in sale issues

Depending on the stage in attracting and servicing clients, the percentage of consumers who define the “immediate” answer is ten minutes or less on marketing issues - 46%, on sales issues - 62%, and in support issues - 60%.

Do not delay in sale issues


More than four billion users
More than four billion users

Six out of the ten most popular applications in the world are messaging applications.

Messengers are already using 4.1 billion users worldwide.

2 Billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month on Facebook Messenger. Build a bot if you are worried about the future.

47% of users are ready to buy from a bot

According to the HubSpot report, 71% of users like to use messaging applications when receiving user support. Many people use messengers because of efficient problem-solving.

47% of surveyed buyers are open to buying goods and services from the bot.

Willing to use messaging apps
Messengers vs Phone vs Email


Chatbots are not always whim

51% of users expect businesses to be available for them 24/7/, and 365 days a year.

45.8% of customers would prefer to contact the business through a messaging application, including a chatbot for website, rather than by email, and 49.4% would prefer a messenger instead of a phone.