Speech recognition

If the project with artificial intelligence turned out to be successful, and you decided to replace some part of the voice communication channels, we will help you connect and configure speech recognition modules. After all, your dialogue is ready, and the platform is equally possible to use for speech interaction. In fact, an additional intermediary appears in the system architecture which transforms the audio stream into text and vice versa.

Chatbots development for IoT

Typically, an IoT system consists of a variety of sensors, actuators, services, and applications. The use of chatbots for human interaction and IoT environments significantly enhances the positive customer experience. Instead of using a not entirely user-friendly interface for setting up and managing an IoT system, the user gets an easy-to-use mechanism. Instead of searching and repeatedly pressing to set the required temperature through the application, the user needs to write: “Set a comfortable temperature in the living room.” The chatbot, based on pre-defined logic and the use of artificial intelligence will make the settings and respond: “The weather is cool outside, 17 degrees Celsius. I set a comfortable temperature in the living room at 21.4 degrees.”