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According to a Forrester Research study, users spend 85% of their time on applications. And six out of the ten most popular applications in the world are messaging applications. It would take care of the promotion because they have potential users with over four billion individuals.

But this is precisely the question. Many customers do not know about the existence of bots and do not know about the values and opportunities that it gives. And often, not aware that you decided to use artificial intelligence to help your customers.

Regardless of which messengers you decide to use to bring your chatbot to the world, we have prepared some great ideas on how to introduce a virtual assistant to a client.

Add a bot to your site

If the site is a fairly strong communication channel, adding a bot as a link to various messengers or directly as a web chat, you will receive a portion of the site visitors as bot users at no additional cost. For example, Facebook makes it easy to connect a bot using the Messenger platform plugin. In the plugin, there is the entire history of correspondence of the user switching between the site making the messenger as smooth as possible.

Use the power of social networks

There are many tools that are integrated directly into social networks which facilitate their promotion. One option is to include the Messenger Discovery tab on Facebook. To do this, you must fill out the form in which to provide:

  • an overview of your chat
  • primary and secondary category
  • up to ten keywords
  • your bot language
  • a short description to be published

In addition to regular posts, try using paid posts on social networks to attract new subscribers from a wider target audience.

Link to the chat from your email signature

Including a chat link in your email signature is key. Even if the dialogue is in development, you can add a link where you can subscribe to news about the progress in the development of your chatbot.

To track performance, it is advisable to add a UTM tag to the link or use a URL shortening service, for example, This will allow you to track how many people click on the chat link in the signature, as well as basic data on the audience.

Autoplay hotline

If you are using a contact center for customer service, set the playback message with the announcement of the new communication channel. The audio message will take several seconds before the IVR or operator answers.

Create a landing page

It is advisable to create such a page in any case. The channel for your audience is not only new but also using unusual tools from the point of view of both technology and customer experience. The chatbot landing page can explain to your customers what your bot is doing and how it differs from the website.

Create useful content

Effectively work articles published in your or partner blogs, video content, presentations related to your chatbot. Create content that creates value for the customer. Do not limit yourself to a scientifically similar presentation, add emotions, submit information in the entertaining-game form.

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