The e-commerce, BFSI, healthcare and travel segments hold half demand on the chatbot development. And that's understandable. They support in improving the shopping experience, provide 24/7 assistance, and retain customers. And if you are from this business sphere you should begin to think about chat bots for business.

Travel and tourism

This direction is promising for the implementation of artificial intelligence. Many leading companies in the industry have already introduced bots. KLM created a terrific bot in which you can receive flight confirmation, boarding pass, registration reminders, flight status updates, and more. Another company, Skyscanner, introduced in the messenger the ability to search for air tickets, select flights and search for the cheapest destinations from the nearest airport. In aviation, you can do anything, change places, pre-select food and choose premium services.

It is not only complex tools but also functionality. For example, the Expedia bot helps travelers search for hotels. They configure it as an elementary hotel search tool that links location, date and finds the user five options to book offers from the site.

The success of SnapTravel makes you think about changing the whole industry. SnapTravel has booked housing for more than one hundred million dollars and by more than two million users! The bot uses artificial intelligence to search hotels on more than one hundred sites and finds the best offer for the user. Book a hotel directly in the messenger.

Retail and e-commerce

Now customers click on the buttons of the navigation bar and navigate through several screens to find only one product they need. Many users, due to the complicated process, leave the goods in the basket without having made a purchase. Chatbots solve the problem of a long user path to the desired product. The number of options for the use of bots in the trade is huge. Artificial intelligence is applicable in e-commerce, in stores, fashion and the service industry, and allows you to make purchases “on the go” using mobile devices. Especially it's so important in case of chatbot for small business.

A good example is eBay Shopbot. Personal shopping assistant searches for products for customers. Its goal is to help customers find the best deals whether they are looking for something specific or just ideas. The clients on eBay can use text, speech or photo to query the bot. The bot uses deep learning algorithms in combination with natural language understanding (NLU) and computer vision.

H&M launched a chat application in 2016 that allows shoppers to see, share and buy products in the catalog. Before recommending, the bot asks a few simple questions - men's or women's clothing, preferences, and style. Users can go to the product page or share the results with other contacts.

An article here explains how to use a chatbot in e-commerce.

Corporate bot

According to Gartner, by 2022, 40% of employees and government employees who work with clients will consult daily with a virtual support agent. Many organizations already use bot features to help all employees in the organization. It not only provides access to information but also helps employees perform actions such as a vacation request, a travel request, a request for IT, etc.

Intel has created a virtual HR agent to answer employees' questions about salary, stock availability, benefits, and other HR programs. The bot has more than four thousand answers to various questions. chatbot works with its four hundred and fifty call center employees who can use it to check their schedule, weekend schedule and inform managers about unplanned vacations or sick days. Bots are also widespread in the direction of hiring staff. Intellectual recruiter helps to pre-test qualifications, to answer questions of interest, prepare a list of interesting candidates and schedule meetings.

Service Providers

Telecom and service providers are one of the most awaiting chatbot segments. Automation of the support line allows you to multiply the speed of processing requests. Considering that the lion’s share is basic questions like how to reset passwords, check the connection and what the balance of an account is. Artificial intelligence successfully copes with most first-line questions, and it transfers specific questions to a real agent. In addition, a bot is an indispensable tool when conducting marketing activities for the sale of additional services and the promotion of new products and services.

Restaurants, cafes, and entertainment

Using chatbots, your customers no longer need to call to reserve a table, wait for the attendants to serve them, or wait for a free table. Bots can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from answers to frequently asked questions, booking tables, ordering food or processing payments. In addition, the bot can perform these tasks around the clock, without getting tired after midnight. Pizzerias use bots to place pizza orders, get information about the menu and the latest promotions. A chatbot can recommend the dish, specify the address and time of delivery. To get a discount, you do not need to wait for a long time, installing a separate application, you will be guaranteed loyalty through the messenger interface. In the field of entertainment with the help of a virtual assistant, it is possible to choose a movie in the cinema, a place, book a ticket and pay. The bot will immediately output the QR code in the messenger interface.

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