According to research, 48% of companies engaged in real estate, say the biggest problem facing them for the next two years is the concern of lagging in technology.

Key objectives

  • Arrange prequalification of buyers
  • Convert online users to leads

Benefits from the bot introduction

  • The growth of qualified leads through 24/7 work. Working time is only 30% of the possible contact time
  • When transferring the lead from the bot, the seller receives the entire history of communication
  • Save time on generating qualified leads and automatically adding them to CRM
  • No frustration and loss of time in case of failure of the client during the lead generation

Basic scenario

Lead qualification. The bot will determine the intentions of the buyer - he wants to buy, sell or rent. Qualifies the main indicators: budget, location, number of bedrooms, urgency and will give relevant information in the messenger interface with photos directly in the chat interface of the messenger. Customer notification, in case of an offer according to the request.

Viewing property. The customer plans a viewing time for the selected objects. Without leaving the messaging application interface, the customer can view the objects in a 360-degree virtual tour. A chatbot periodically "throws up" similar objects in the planned location to assign a series of views.

Initiation of deals. As soon as your bot received valuable information about a potential client, it adds the client to the deal initiation system. Based on the requests made earlier, you deliver valuable information via the instant messenger. For example, such information may be market statistics and comparison with the viewed object. They can purchase a reminder so they don’t miss the opportunity since the house or apartment, or the object could increase in price.

Real case results

The chatbot handled 86% more requests compared to the chat form on the site and generated 43% more potential customers.

According to statistics, only 9% of real estate agencies respond to online inquiries within five minutes, 50% respond within three days and 41% never answer. Build a chat bot and it leads this figure to 100% of responses in five seconds.