Ask ahead a development company regarding support when you start to build a chatbot. There are several types of support: technical, dialogue and marketing. In all these cases you need proper expert assistance.

Technical support

Technical support only includes the performance of the chatbot as a connected system and does not include modifications, incorrect behavior of the bot and missing dialogs. It differs online or offline support, the number of requests for a period of time and the response time to the incident.

Dialogue support and increase accuracy

Initially, chatbots have a limited vocabulary based on the training examples provided. As they use the bot more and more, it faces various business situations that may differ from the training examples; the bot learns and improves its accuracy. Ideally, artificial intelligence should accompany with a useful response or action. When learning, many new “intentions” and objects appear thanks to the user which implies not just a textual answer in the “yes or no” style, but also a connection to the database, running scripts and even sometimes connecting to another bot.

Bot promotion

After the development stage, there is a no less crucial moment - promotion. The success of the entire project depends on this stage. If they choose the wrong promotion strategy, then the probability of success decreases, and the achievement of the set goal is a serious matter. As in the classic technology deployment curve, there are several steps. And the most important stage in this curve is the crossing of the gap between the early followers and the early majority. The future depends on this segment, whether there will be interest among the owners, business leaders, or the participants of the project to develop new technology. Whether there will be an economic effect, whether the project is payable and whether ROI will reach the planned value. The Widelogics team launched more than one project, and it will help to start moving in the right direction.

You can benefit from our pieces of advice and take a look, how to promote chatbots.

Marketing support

Chatbot generates a lot of data. Their detailed analysis allows not only productive marketing activities but also to build the right client paths. Using the data, it is possible to identify problem areas in the organization and take proper corrective measures. Using detailed analysis, we prepare periodic reports, identify areas for improvement and give recommendations on effective marketing methods throughout the customer's life cycle.