Chatbots are software. As in conventional software development, the testing process is important and takes time and resources. It includes several areas such as functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, and security testing. You build a Facebook chatbot or Slack AI assistant it is doesn't matter. We divide our processes into three categories:

Customer Experience Validation

Our experts compose the script so that when testing to determine the seven key parameters.

  • Individuality. Does a chatbot have personality characteristics and an acceptable conversation tone?
  • Adaptation. Whether the user understands from the very beginning what task the chatbot performs and how to interact with it throughout the client's path.
  • Understanding. Does the chatbot understand simple conversations, dialects and adverbs, communication style and emoticons?
  • Answer. What elements does the bot use when communicating and how well does it do it? Do they relate to a specific point and context?
  • Navigation. How easy is it to move through the dialogue, to move from one context to another? Does the user feel that he is missing something when communicating?
  • Error management. How well does a chatbot deal with errors and unknown queries? Can it cope with them correctly?
  • Intelligence. Does the bot use any intelligence? Know how to memorize certain things? Does the context of the conversation govern like a person?

Technical testing

Using messengers user accustomed to certain standards. A significant deviation from them will introduce negative customer experience and, accordingly, will complicate the process of attracting and retaining in this channel. For example, the user is used to instant responses and response time is a decisive factor for bots. Also, any errors are not acceptable when using the chat and display them in the correspondence. Content must be appropriate for the purpose.

Security testing

Communication in the messenger implies the use of confidential data since it associates the answers with customer information. And data protection involves the creation of a mechanism that supplies access control to confidential information. Our information security specialists will also model many attacks to test for external vulnerabilities.