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AI chatbot for GATED Communities

About the industry

Gated communities are all the rage of the century. The comfortable environment should be enabled by many things, including a very fast reaction to any resident request. The traditional call center is no longer fit for purpose, particularly when call centers are faced with a sudden upsurge in customer interactions or when the human agent is not available, resulting in the kind of message that frustrates the client. Using new technologies such as visitor management systems, reception, and amenities reserve automation facilitates increasing resident loyalty and attractiveness of the community.

“By 2025, customer service businesses that embed AI in their multichannel platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25%”,- says Gartner

Pains and challenges

Service ordering

For gated community residents, one of the major points is a list of provided amenities and entertainment. Ordering, managing, and scheduling these services could be stressful for both personnel and tenants. Usually, dozens of different amenity bookings at the same time cause a failure of the reserve process due to the absence of appropriate tools

chatbot service order
chatbot access control

Access Management and Parking

The crucial importance for a property owner is safety not only private household but the territory around a place of residence. Why the gated community is so popular. But it can be a nightmare for a host and guests if you don’t have the appropriate tools and processes for managing parking or visitor access codes.

Customer care

Densely populated housing estates have a lot of incoming interactions like complaints, informational and financial inquiries coming 24*7. Some of them use public chats in messengers that leads to a lot of noise information (messages not related to provided services), complaints are visible to all users and trigger other bulk of complaints. Also, to process different requests a lot of manual effort is needed if it’s not automated. Manual processing and limited call center working hours always mean that some requests are lost

customer care

Software challenges

A lot of communities use mobile applications to interact with their clients. On the one hand, mobile applications are quite good for complex customer care processes, to show, for instance, analytics details. On the other hand, mobile applications require significant investments in order to keep them up to date for several platforms (like iOS and Android) and their time to market is so long. Also, residents have to install additional applications on their smartphones and keep them up to date

What kind of use cases can be automated up to 80%


It is possible to automate answers for general information for frequently asked questions, like office hours, and locations

Customer support

Routine tasks in searching financial information by agents, such as balance status, payments, and invoices, can be automated very simply

Service ordering

Gives the possibility to get a price list, and order them. The automatization grants access for the resident to a visitor management system very simply


Personal and broadcast communication with the community, payment reminders, information about new offers, feedback

How does automation improve the customer experience?

Amenities Booking

Providing an easy and user-friendly interface via an instant messaging application, a gated community increases a workload of a facility, load in not-so-popular time, and take away a toxic perception, which is associated with non-structured and non-convenient booking time. The resident easily reserves in two-three clicks via chatbot service at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have many informational questions appear at any time, like when the silence regime begins, where is the nearest post office, which services are included in the agreement by default, etc. A virtual assistant instantly answers those questions without involving staff

Visitor management

Integration with a visitor management system allows your residents in a few steps to provide access to the closed area for their guests, relatives, or utility companies via chatbot. It’s easier and more convenient to run a favorite messenger and share QR that grants access to the community area 


The chatbot could be the first line to get clients’ complaints, proposals, and specific requests. Due to easy integration with CRM, all requests are directly passed into the CRM or your internal system without any loss of information. Once it is processed by the responsible person, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp will notify automatically via an outbound message that the request is completed

Customer care

Every time clients have a lot of questions, related to services, nearest places, or open hours of the restaurant. A virtual assistant answers these questions within a second using customer-preferred language. Using integration with the hotel management system, a chatbot can also provide personal answers, like bill status

Outbound communications 

Using a chatbot company easily reaches an audience to measure their satisfaction index, promote new or existing offers, provide some announcements, and remind them about missed payments

ROI Drivers

Optimize contact center staff

Increase the number of orders for additional services and booking amenities

Cost-effective solution compared to mobile apps

Increased loyalty and satisfaction